meds program

Chronic Care Medication Management


Our Partner pharmacies will deliver your patients' medications directly to their homes so they do not have to go pick them up at the pharmacy every month.


We take care of all of the prior authorizations that may be necessary for the medications prescribed, saving your practice hours of labor and unnecessary burden.


We reach out to the patients directly from a dedicated phone line to follow up with them and ensure that they have received their medications without any issues.


We have partnered with a Chronic Care Management (CCM) company, and your practice can earn additional revenue by billing for the CCM services provided by their Registered Nurses.

Benefits of using our MEDS Program:

  • Better management of your patient population with chronic conditions;

  • Convenience for your patients - especially those with limited mobility or transportation. They no longer have to pick their medications up every month;

  • Your patients receive copay coupons up to $60/prescription*

  • No Prior Authorization headaches;

  • Potential to bill for Chronic Care Management services and earn additional revenue;

  • Improvement in your Quality Measure scores and potential financial incentives.




This program is ABSOLUTELY FREE for medical practices and patients. All we need is your participation.

*Our copay coupons may not be honored by all insurance payers, but they are honored by most major insurance carriers. Please inquire if you have questions about a specific insurance payer. 

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